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How Black Cumin Seed Supports Great Health

How Black Cumin Seed Supports Great Health

I wanted to talk to you about the ancient Egyptians today.

No, not because I’m obsessed with mummies or anything like that.

More like, as I referenced in my last article on black cumin seed, the Egyptians were one of the forebearers of modern medicine as we know it today.

Which is impressive when you consider they were experimenting with healing therapies more than 4,000 years ago.

The Egyptians had access to some of the most potent plants known to man at the time.

That’s because they lived in the Nile delta, which supported the growth of all kinds of plants thanks to the rich deposits of highly nutritive sediment that piled up at the end of the world’s longest river.

The Egyptians discovered early on that black cumin seed, which has many names, which include Black Seed Fennel Flower, Nutmeg Flower, Black Caraway, Roman Coriander, Love-in-the-mist…was useful primarily for cosmetic purposes.

They thought it made their skin look and feel better.

Now we know that what black cumin seed did for the skin parlays into a similar development in how you respond to inflammation, as well as modulating how your immune system responds to potential infections and much more.

I think that when you realize it’s already quite inexpensive… and has a ton of potentially powerful qualities to support your health, you’ll want to get some right away.

You can get it here for a great deal!

A Few Ways Black Cumin Seed Helps Make You Feel Better

I think it’s safe to say that black cumin seed can make you feel better.

It won’t park your car for you… or help you do your taxes, but there are ways for it to support several key areas of biological health for you.

These include:

> Allergy relief
> Cardiovascular Support
> Memory Function
> Libido Support

And more.

Let me show you how well it works by going over the studies.

1 - Black Cumin Seed Helps People Feel Better:

The first study I wanted to highlight had to do with how obese men taking black cumin seed ended up feeling better as a result of simple supplementation.

As you likely know, more than 40% of people in America are obese.

The factors that contribute to obesity are myriad, and I think diet is a key factor, but I won’t get into that..

What’s interesting is that men taking black cumin seed to help with obesity (an effort to achieve weight loss) didn’t necessarily lose more weight… but while they took the black cumin seed a bunch of other factors of health improved.

Including how they feel.

As writes about black cumin seed:

In obese men (measured via central obesity rather than BMI) given 1.5g nigella sative seeds twice daily over the course of three months, supplementation seemed to eradicate most subjective complaints (ache, weakness, laziness, forgetfulness, arthralgia, sleeplessness, low libido, high appetite, etc.) and there was an improvement in body weight and other biomarkers of health, but only the weight changes was statistically significant (this may be related to a reduced appetite, but food intake was not measured).”

It’s important to note that the men took a pretty significant amount of black cumin seed, more than is in a single capsule of Black Cumin Seed from Life Extensions.

But anecdotally, a lot of other people who take black cumin seed also experience these results with lower dosages.

But, simply feeling better isn’t all that black cumin seed is shown to do.

2- Black Cumin Seed Helps With Allergies:

20% of Americans (which is 60 million) suffer from some kind of environmental allergies: i.e. an allergy to pollen, dust, dander, food, etc.

Allergies aren’t just annoying, they’re actually fairly limiting. An estimated $8 billion dollars are lost yearly in the US because people have to call out of work because of
their symptoms.

And food allergies are a leading type of allergy that contributes to this cost.

It turns out black cumin seed can actually support allergy relief.

In a study published by Plos One, researchers discovered that the main compound associated with black cumin seed’s health-supporting power can help people reduce their allergy symptoms.

Black cumin seed contains thymoquinone which is a small molecule that may bind to  opioid receptors in your body. These receptors are what are all over the body, including the brain, spinal cord and intestinal tract.

In theory (and as demonstrated by a few studies in animals) taking thymoquinone may lead to allergy-symptom reduction because of how they interact with opioid receptors.

Thymoquinone is so powerful, it may even help support food allergy relief!

“Four separate treatments were offered to mice that had been previously sensitized to albumin, a common protein found in eggs. The mice were pretreated with one of: an extract from Nigella sativa, thymoquinone, kappa-(U50’4889), or a mu-opioid receptor agonist (DAMGO), before being intra-gastrically challenged with ovalbumin.

All four pre-treatments were found to reduce clinical diarrhea scores. This effect was reversible by pre-treatment with a mu-opioid receptor antagonist. The results suggest that opioid receptors may be a potential target for treatments for food allergies and that Nigella sativa extract could be a promising candidate in this area.”

Allergy relief is a good thing, no one can argue that.

And perhaps one of the best explanations for why it works for allergy relief also can explain how it contributes to your body’s response to inflammation.

3 - May Regulate Your Inflammatory Response:

Inflammation has become a catch-all term for the body’s natural responses to how it manages cellular damage

There is damaging chronic inflammation (that results from things like food allergies, leaky gut, chronic exposure to toxins and other environmental hazards) as well as necessary healing inflammation that forms as a result of localized damage, temporary illnesses, etc.

Black cumin seed has been shown to help support both of your body’s inflammatory responses.

One of the ways it helps to balance immune response has to do with how it helps your body respond to abnormal cells, as well as invading pathogens.

Studies demonstrate black cumin seed can stimulate how well your body’s macrophages (immune cells meant to kill abnormal cells) as well as helper T-cells (cells that marshal natural killer cells and direct them to their targets) respond to potential issues.

This stimulation can help you stave off the presence of chronic inflammation while also guarding you from the possibility of infection and illness.

There’s a lot more to it than this, and if you want to view an incredibly thorough article on the subject you could consider reviewing Life Extensions' well-cited blog here

The bottom line is there’s ample evidence to show black cumin seed is an incredibly helpful supplement to use for helping support your body’s response to inflammation.

Plus, It’s Super Affordable

Arguably one of the best benefits of Black Cumin Seed oil from Life Extension is the price.

A single bottle contains a 2 month’s supply and is just $10.

For just a few pennies a day you can fill your body with this health-boosting supplement.

You’ll love how this all-natural supplement makes you feel….

And you’ll love the low cost to get to feeling better! 

Follow this link to get yours today.


Talk soon,

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