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Guys, Beware

Guys, Beware

Guys, I want you to beware of something.

The health of your prostate is being threatened.

Prostate issues account for the majority of health issues faced by men over the age of 45.

The prostate is a golf-ball sized gland that men have which is critically important for sexual function. Without it, men wouldn’t be able to properly inseminate their partners, and the world wouldn’t be populated by people,

Most men take their prostate for granted, which is natural when you consider it’s not visible and if all goes well, they won’t know any differently about its function.

And while most men don’t seem too worried about their prostate at this age (from what I’ve observed there aren’t too many guys who hope to keep having children after 45), because the functional job of the prostate is forgotten about, the prostate can still play a major role in mens’ health.

Primarily when the prostate falls into “disrepair”.

Because of its location, should the prostate start acting funkily, it can produce problems downstream. And the pun here is intended.

See, the prostate sits right near the bladder and the urethra. A healthy prostate will not interfere with either of these organs.

But one that is starting to be affected by several different conditions, could.

And the result is interference with urination, sexual function, among other things.

I want men to never have to worry about their prostate causing them problems in the future.

And so that’s why I’ve written an article showing you how to help maintain a healthy prostate.

Easy Ways Men Can Maintain Amazing Prostate Health

I seriously doubt any guy has ever considered maintaining “amazing prostate health”.

But, I know many of them are serious about being as healthy as possible.

The good news for men is being on the offensive when it comes to maintaining good health will pay big dividends for prostate health.

The prostate tends to go the way the rest of a man’s health goes.

So if various factors of total health begin to decline, then the prostate may start to slip.

Which is why I’m going to offer up some pieces of advice that’ll be instructional in helping any man keep both total health and prostate health in tip-top shape.

And the first is…

1 - Maintaining a healthy diet:

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has read my articles on health before.

The vast majority of men who come to see me to fix a health problem could have stayed clear of my office if they’d done more to fashion their eating habits on dietary principles that aren’t rooted in simply eating what the TV told him to.

So, that means men should consider eating foods that are rich in healthy proteins, full of complex carbs (though minimal amounts), deliver robust sources of protein, and are also laden with antioxidants and other micronutrients.

Essentially, men should eat the following:

  • Wild-caught, or pasture-raised meats
  • Nuts and seeds with low levels of Omega-6 fatty acids (organic)
  • Leafy green vegetables (organic)
  • Berries of all sorts (organic)
  • Animal byproducts, such as grass-fed cheeses, honey

Specifically, men should try to eat foods that are known to support prostate health.

These include things like tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. Tomatoes offer an antioxidant known to help support prostate health called lycopene, and pumpkin seeds contain zinc which is also known to help boost prostate function.

2 - Exercise Frequently:

The same thing I mentioned about men and diet and their decision to come see me, could also be said about exercise.

Food and exercise are 2 of the best medicines men could “take” on a daily basis that improve their odds of developing future prostate issues.

And exercise is an often-neglected tool for helping to support prostate health.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of clinical research indicating that if men will devote themselves to a life centered around staying fit, they’ll reap the benefits and the odds they’re waking up 5-6 times a night to pee because of an enlarged prostate are minimized.

Harvard Medical School published a review on their website that shows why researchers are certain the link between exercise and prostate health is strong.

They write:

BPH prevention. In the ongoing Harvard-based Health Professionals Follow-up Study, men who were more physically active were less likely to suffer from BPH. Even low-to moderate-intensity physical activity, such as walking regularly at a moderate pace, yielded benefits.

Prostatitis treatment. Italian researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial (considered the gold standard of medical research) in men with chronic prostatitis. Those in the aerobic exercise group walked briskly three times a week. A comparison group did non-aerobic exercise (leg lifts, sit ups, and stretching) three times a week. At the end of 18 weeks, men in both groups felt better, but those doing aerobic exercises reported less prostatitis pain, less anxiety and depression, and better quality of life.

Prostate cancer progression. In a study of more than 1,400 men diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer, men who walked briskly (not leisurely) for at least three hours a week were 57% less likely to have their cancer progress than those who walked less often and less vigorously. In an analysis from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer who engaged in vigorous activity at least three hours each week had a 61% lower chance of dying from the illness, compared to men who engaged in vigorous activity less than one hour a week.” the study concluded. 

I’m a firm believer in the utility of exercise for moderating various factors of health, and for men who don’t want to be another prostate statistic… exercise is just what the doctor ordered.*

3 - Take Prostate Supporting Supplements:

Sometimes, the body needs just a little bit of extra help to keep the prostate healthy.

As a physician who prefers to support health via natural methods when possible , I’m keenly interested in what role plant-based supplements can do to help encourage healthy organ function for life.

One of the things I believe can help men who believe they need additional support to help maintain a healthy prostate is taking a supplement like PalmettoGuard® Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol.

One of the first articles I ever wrote on our blog was about Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto isn’t a plant that you’d typically incorporate into your diet, but it is a plant that provides significant therapeutic effects on internal processes.

Specifically, Saw Palmetto provides beta-sitosterol which is an active compound shown to help men maintain healthy urinary function. 

It also has the added benefit impeding the overproduction of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that takes a man’s testosterone and converts into another important hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Even though men need DHT, they can’t afford to have too much of it in their body otherwise it could cause the health of the prostate (as well as other functions of the body) to become compromised in the future.
Saw Palmetto’s ability to help slow the proliferation of DHT is a preferred way to keep the prostate healthy - especially as it does this with virtually zero side effects or alternative health risks.

Another ingredient in PalmettoGuard® Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol that helps men stay healthy is rosemary extract.

Besides being a potent herb for cooking, the extract of the rosemary plant delivers exceptional antioxidant activity. And according to research there’s also benefits for men as it promotes healthy estrogen metabolism and cell division which is beneficial for men who want to optimize healthy testosterone production.

These 2 ingredients combined form a powerful duo for the support of a healthy prostate for years to come.

Best of all is this supplement is highly regarded among patients who use it and is surprisingly affordable.

If you’re a man, or know a man who could use all the help they can get for keeping their prostate healthy, consider getting PalmettoGuard® Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol today.



Talk soon,

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