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Good News about Probiotics (Weight Loss)

Good News about Probiotics (Weight Loss)

One of the most popular articles Dr. Wiggy has ever written is about probiotics.

Which is surprising when you think most patients regard him as a hormone-specialist.

To be honest, thinking of Dr. Wiggy as a hormone specialist is short-changing him. As an integrative doctor, Dr. Wiggy understands how the body works from top to bottom.

He, along with the rest of the healthcare providers at our clinic look at the body as a complete system and are always thinking about how the various organs work with each other.

The discovery of probiotics a number of decades ago helped researchers and physicians understand how the gut affects the health of the rest of the body.

And Dr. Wiggy wrote an article a few years ago that illustrated how probiotics affect your weight.

Essentially he wrote that when a person maintains a healthy balance of probiotics in their stomach it can help support healthy weight gain or loss, whichever is your goal.

And that’s just an added benefit of probiotics supplementation.

Yes, Probiotics Really Can Help People Lose Weight

As we mentioned, Dr. Wiggy’s article showed that yes indeed, if your gut isn’t supplied with healthy bacteria, then taking supplemental probiotics can help people lose weight.

The interesting thing is how exactly this happens.

It’s not like probiotics come in and eat body fat (though that’d be nice).

Instead, probiotics help to support a few aspects of health that can aid your body in shedding fat.

The cool thing is that probiotics influence how certain hormones in your body function so that your body naturally resists holding onto stubborn body fat.

Researchers have shown that taking a certain kind of probiotics can cause your body to increase the production of a hormone known as GLP-1.

GLP-1 influences how your appetite works and can make you feel fuller, longer.

And there’s also research to show it may speed up your metabolism which can lead to your body burning more calories during the day. Kind of like what working out does for you, minus the treadmill. 

The other way probiotics might help is by increasing the protein ANGPTL4. From what we’ve observed, increases in ANGPTL4 have been shown to decrease on-site fat storage...which helps keep you lean.

In addition to this, probiotics may help the body support a healthy response to inflammation.

Inflammation has been linked to unhealthy weight gain, which is why if you can keep it under control you may be able to keep your body weight down.

Dr. Wiggy writes:

“The way this works is when probiotics are absent in the body, the body often has a difficult time digesting food. As this undigested food is passed down the digestive tract, not fully deconstructed, it is often identified by the immune system as an unhealthy invader.

When that happens, the body activates the immune system and attacks it. While these immune attacks are only supposed to be temporary, a continued lack of probiotic material may mean the immune system is turned on more or less permanently.

This creates inflammation...and long-lasting inflammation often results in disruptions in how your body processes blood sugar, which frequently leads to weight gain.

That’s why if you can establish a healthy digestive system using probiotics, you may begin to lose weight.

Of course that’s not the only way probiotics can help you maintain better health.

You may also be pleased to know that if you take probiotics it may help your gut feel better, keep your brain nice and clear, keep a leaky gut from being a problem, ease temporary pain in your joints, help to keep skin healthy and clear and MUCH More.

Our Blend Has The RIGHT Kind of Probiotics

As Dr. Wiggy has mentioned, you can’t achieve these results using any old probiotics.

In fact, some probiotics might actually promote weight gain.

Dr. Wiggy designed our HAIOTB Probiotic (10-Strain) 25 Billion CFUs with healthy bacteria tested to help boost healthy weight control.

Talk soon,

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