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Dry Eyes: More Dangerous Than You’d Expect

Dry Eyes: More Dangerous Than You’d Expect

Dry eyes are something millions of people deal with daily.

Dry eyes are anything but pleasant to deal with. The feelings of itchiness, scratchiness, and irritation are enough to drive you nuts if you can’t get a handle on them.

There are a ton of reasons you may suffer from dry eyes. One of the most common is allergies. Another contributing factor a lot of people deal with now is looking at computer screens and phone screens.

The blue light these devices project can cause your eyes to dry out (in addition to the fact that when you stare at a screen you blink less than normal). 

Bottom line, dry eyes are a pain.

But, they are so much more than an aggravation…

The truth is dry eyes can actually be a danger to your vision if you don’t address them early on.

That’s why Dr. Wiggy created Eye Defense. This product delivers incredible support to your eyes for establishing healthy moisture levels.

Dry Eyes - A Potential Problem

Everything we’re going to talk about here is a “worst-case scenario” for what happens when dry eyes don’t get addressed early on.

The truth is, if your eyes remain chronically dry, then you can experience some distinct problems.

One of the first is conjunctivitis.

1- Conjunctivitis:

This is easily one of the most common and most treatable issues associated with dry eyes.

Conjunctivitis results when the conjunctiva, the clear layer of cells that cover the white part of your eyeball and the inner surface of your eyelid, become inflamed and irritated.

This is different from bacterial conjunctivitis and isn’t as problematic. It generally just results in discomfort.

So even though it’s not that severe, the issue is this kind of inflammation can then produce a corneal ulcer.

2 - Corneal Ulcers:

The idea of an open sore on your eye sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

It certainly should, and corneal ulcers can certainly produce problems in the future. 

Here’s what HealthLine says about corneal ulcers:

“A corneal ulcer is an open sore that develops on your cornea, which is the clear, protective outer layer of your eyes.

These ulcers typically occur after an injury, but severely dry eyes can also play a role.

Debris like dirt and other particles can sometimes get into your eyes. If your tear glands don’t produce enough tears, your eyes might be unable to wash the particles away.

Debris can then scratch the surface of your cornea. If bacteria gets into the scratch, an infection can develop, causing an ulcer.

Corneal ulcers are treatable with antibiotic eye drops. But if left untreated, these ulcers can spread and scar the eyeball, causing partial or complete blindness.”

There is no good reason to let dry eyes expose you to the risk of a corneal ulcer.

And that is why we love Eye Defense!

So do our customers! 


The advantages of Eye Defense

“I have had dry eye challenges for years. I started taking HAIOTB Eye Defense 6 months ago, and have noticed that my eyes do not dry out as before even when I have a fan running at my desk. I am thrilled that this product has helped me so much.”

Taking 1 capsule a day could easily get your eyes to feeling the best they have for years!

And you can get it for a great price here.


Talk soon,

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