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Dr. Wiggy Said This Herb Stops Bullets

Dr. Wiggy Said This Herb Stops Bullets

In a blog written several years ago Dr. Wiggy said that one of the herbs in our Adrenal Syn3rgy complex was bulletproof.

Obviously, that’s hyperbole.

Or maybe it’s not. If you stacked enough of these plants on top of each other we suppose they could stop bullets.

What Dr. Wiggy was getting at when he said that was how this plant offers a superior boost to the health of your body’s cells, and by taking it, you’re able to support how your cells respond to acute cellular stress.

The truth of the matter is there are a number of herbs that offer this kind of support.

And 3 of the best ones are combined within an easy-to-take capsule that has some serious health-boosting properties.

This product is highly rated and is certain to do a fair bit of good for those of you who are looking to help fight adrenal fatigue and have more energy.

Click here and follow the link to this awesome product.  

Why In 2020, Adrenal Syn3rgy Is A Great Idea

We’re going out on a limb here by saying that we think 2020 is a year you’ll never forget.

It’s definitely a special year and it’s unlikely anything like this will ever happen again.

That being said, owing to the uniqueness of this year, we know more people than ever are under constant stress as they attempt to navigate this difficult year.

That kind of stress, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, is not healthy.

And it’s why a supplement like Adrenal Syn3rgy can help.

As mentioned above, the 3 ingredients in Adrenal Syn3rgy act as a shield around your cells. So, for those of you who are worried about what stress can do to you, and how it might affect your cell health, you should know this much.

Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, and Rhodiola Extract encourage your cells to thrive even when under attack by various forms of stress that could impair your cell’s ability to function.

First off, all are antioxidants, which means they fight free radicals and oxidative damage in your body.

Secondly, all of them are adaptogens.

Adaptogens are a select group of herbs (and some mushrooms) that support the body's natural ability to deal with stress. They are called adaptogens because of their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to the specific needs of the body. This may be physical, chemical or biological needs.”

By including adaptogens into your diet it helps to give you an extra bit of “fuel” because it helps support basic functions like homeostatic energy production.

Adrenal fatigue and the accompanying tiredness that results is the downline effect of your body’s normal energy-production systems derailing because of too much stress.

Adaptogens help to temper the effects of adrenal fatigue.

Obviously the #1 thing to do to help prevent adrenal fatigue from disrupting your energy production are lifestyle changes. So, getting more sleep, eliminating processed foods from your diet, not drinking too much alcohol or caffeine and so on and so forth are all good things to consider.

But when you can’t tackle everything at once, or there are factors at play in your life that you can’t avoid, and these contribute to cellular stress that lead to hormonal imbalances, Adrenal Syn3rgy and the free radical/adaptogenic power helps to keep you energized and charged.

If you’d like to see some of the scientific research on the ingredients, click here, here, or here. 

With a 4.7 star rating on our website, Adrenal Syn3rgy is a favorite of people who struggle with energy levels affected by adrenal fatigue.




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