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Does Staring At This Do Damage To Your Body?

Does Staring At This Do Damage To Your Body?

If you’re like the average American you spend a significant amount of time staring at a screen.

And, if you’ve looked at a screen twice today and looked at it for longer than a few hours… you’re probably doing some damage to your eyes.

That’s because the kind of light that screens emit has been shown to irritate and possible damage the sensitive tissue in your eyes.

This kind of damage could possibly stack up over time and eventually cause issues that are simply not reversible.

Dr. Wiggy has written about this a few times, and we’ll recap his writings in this email, but before we do want to let you know that today through August 9th, 2020 you can get Free bottles of our top-selling eye-defense supplement.

This supplement contains several different nutrients that can help to protect your eyes from all this damage.

Click here to grab some bottles or read on to see why it really is good to use this kind of supplement.

What the Data Behind Screen Time and Damage Say

Whether or not staring at a screen will “rot your eyes” out of your head is a topic of controversy.

What isn’t controversial in the least is that screen time usage is up considerably in the past few decades.

According to “about 83% of American adults use digital devices more than two hours a day, and 53.1% say they use two digital devices at the same time... Children use computers and other digital devices for playing the latest games, watching videos, learning at school, or doing homework.

Many adults and children experience eye discomfort and vision problems from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader, and cellphone use. The American Optometric Association says vision-related issues are the most prevalent type of health complaint among computer workers. Studies indicate 50-90% of computer users experience symptoms indicative of computer vision syndrome. Moreover, the level of discomfort appears to get worse the longer one stares at a screen.”

And while some people tend to believe that the strain is manageable, there are others who believe that staring at this kind of light could harm your eyes.

The belief is that staring at these kinds of light sources could cause retinal damage that could later make your eyes susceptible to macular damage in the future.

One of the leading societies for eye health has written about the risk.

They write:

“Studies such as this one verify that blue light can cause damage at greater intensities, but the findings of such studies tend to get extrapolated by the press or marketing campaigns to implicate all blue light as damaging, including that emitted from electronic devices. However, this study, and others, did not show effects on living eye tissue. Furthermore, this, and previous research, shows damaging effects only when the light energy is 3 microwatts or greater. The light energy emitted from electronic devices is typically no greater than 1 microwatt.”

But here’s the thing about screens and damage…

Screens are not the leading emitter of blue light.

The sun is.

And the sun has been proven time and time again to be an agonist in the health of our eyes.

So, unless you’re staying inside all the time and/or, always wearing sunglasses, there’s a very good chance you may sustain damage to vital tissue that could lead to concerns down the road.

And that’s where our Eye Defense supplement comes into play.

The Eye Defense supplement offers your superior support for ocular health.

While we can’t say that Eye Defense is going to prevent any kind of disease related to your eyes, what it does do is give your eyes scientifically-tested ingredients that are shown to help eyes maintain great health.

These include:



Vitamin A

Vitamin E

Sea Buckthorn

This blend of antioxidants and healthy fats nourish the eyes and help to shield them from free radical damage as well as keeping the eyes moistened so they don’t become irritated and stressed.

Taking this supplement can have positive effects on sight and general eye comfort.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Click here and read some of the reviews!


Talk soon,

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