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Doctors Warn about Effects of Inflammation

Doctors Warn about Effects of Inflammation

Doctors and researchers across the world are warning about a dangerous occurrence that might be taking place in your body right now.

If left unchecked this occurrence could result in serious health conditions.

The occurrence is rampant inflammation.

You've likely heard about how inflammation can be a cause for concern, and we’re here to tell you that the warnings doctors and researchers are making are not overstated.

It’s serious enough that the leading medical establishment in the world, Harvard Health, has dedicated millions of dollars to understanding and dealing with it.

The basics of unchecked inflammation are this: Inflammation results from a reaction by your immune system to some kind of injury to the body. After the injury your body activates white blood cells and sends them to the wound site to help repair the body and fight off any potential infection.

This also happens when a virus or bacteria invades the body. But, for many people alive today, they’re dealing with a new form of inflammation, one that results from exposure to toxins.

When this happens the body’s immune system switches on the inflammation response and it fails to switch off which can lead to numerous health problems. Dr. Wiggy has covered what they are in other articles and we’re just here to tell you that if you want to maintain great health you need to support how your body’s immune response is generated.

The doctors here at our clinic like to use diet and supplements to support a healthy immune response.

And the #1 supplement they recommend is one called “Inflammation Syn3rgy. 

Why Inflammation Syn3rgy Is So Great For Helping Support Inflammation

Supporting your body’s natural immune response is one of the best ways to ensure inflammation in your body doesn’t get out of control and cause you problems down the road.

Ideally, if you can help to keep it in check now, you’ll feel better for a long time later.

Inflammation Syn3rgy helps you in this pursuit by offering herbs known to help boost your body’s ability to quell inflammation.

They are:

1 - Pine Bark Extract 

2 - Turmeric Extract (C3 Complex, 95% curcuminoids)

3 - Ginger Root

All 3 of these ingredients work together to help support your body to deal with inflammation - kind of like 1 person alone will struggle to get over a tall fence but 3 people can easily climb over it together.

For instance, pine bark extract neutralizes the potential harm of free radicals and also moves through your body looking for free radicals so they can inhibit their negative health effects.

And turmeric does the same thing, but it neutralizes free radicals in a different way, so that compounds the effect of inflammation support.

Ginger helps to tag team this as well as it offers 2 compounds shown to adjust the body’s response to inflammation. They are gingerol and shogaol. These compounds help both to fight free radicals and even preserve one of the most important antioxidants in the body, glutathione which allows for more cellular protection.

Of course, we’d be remiss to say that other ways to help out with boosting your ability to deal with inflammation is through adjusting your diet and also doing other things like sleeping more, earthing, detoxing, exercising and more.

We suggest you do all that above and also add in Inflammation Syn3rgy to the mix.

Grab yours today! 



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