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Controls Cravings

Controls Cravings

Today we’d like to talk about hunger cravings.

Hunger cravings are natural to experience as the body releases hormones like ghrelin to signal it’s time to eat.

The only problem for many people is hunger cravings are sometimes sent when the body actually doesn’t need any food.

What do we mean, how could your body send a hunger signal when it’s not time to eat?

For starters, many people who are overweight got there by eating too much and more often than is healthy and have so trained their bodies to expect frequent meals - even when the need for more calories is not present.

These cravings are what cause the vast majority of people to gain weight - and to struggle with losing it!

That’s where the Momsanity Natural BCAA Powder comes into play. This easy to mix, all-natural formula gives men and women high-quality BCAAs (which are amino acids that help form protein) to help deliver a low-calorie food that helps to squash cravings.

You can use them as snack replacement, and as part of a healthy diet to help curb cravings while also promoting lean muscle mass and more.

BCAA’s are the BEST!

This product is amazing! The taste is great, and among the other benefits, it staves off hunger for quite a while. Love it!

Grab your bottle here. 

How Do BCAAs Stave Off Hunger?

The vast majority of people who use BCAAs on a regular basis are men under 40 who want to build muscle.

So why would Dr. Wiggy and his wife develop a BCAA product for moms (and men) who aren’t concerned about becoming a bodybuilder?

Simple, the science of how our body’s digest BCAAs means that there are some powerful properties within BCAAs to help people not experience hunger pangs that cause them to overeat.

One of the main ingredients in our BCAAs is leucine. This amino acid can single-handedly help people who battle with an out of control appetite not give in to cravings.

Here’s how Coach Debbie describes the biology at work.:

“Leucine is used by the brain as an indicator of the levels of the total amino acids in our bloodstream.  When you have enough total amino acids in your blood, your brain decides, “Hey, I’m well-fed,” and your hunger is reduced and you decide to not eat a 3-foot sub sandwich.

Leucine reduces your hunger.  When you’re less hungry, you eat less and fat loss occurs (those BCAA’s are a power trifecta).  You feel SATISFIED, not STARVING.  Remember, satisfied = good, starving = bad.

In those moments of “I am bored and should eat some snacks,” mix up some Branched-Chain Amino Acids and control the hunger so you don’t overeat.  BCAA’s blunt hunger because your blood sugar is balanced.  Our brain gets energized, our cortisol levels lower and we realize food is not needed at that particular moment.”

We have dozens of testimonials from patients (and customers) testifying to how well the BCAAs work to control hunger.

Here are a few. 



Supports HCG Diet

I am using BCAA powder to control my hunger during my low cal diet. This has been very effective for me and I love the raspberry lemonade flavor.


One thing I cannot live without!

I love this! It curbs your appetite while giving you energy! Plus, it tastes like a sugary treat and helps you really get in your ounces of water each day! I always have a water bottle filled with these!




I love it. It really suppressed my hunger and sugar cravings


You too could benefit from the sugar craving crushing when you take the BCAAs.

Just grab yourself a bottle today



Talk soon,
The Team at Health As It Ought To Be

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