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Can You Believe They Said That About Us??

Can You Believe They Said That About Us??

People say a lot of things about us.

Because our doctors practice a different kind of medicine (addressing underlying causes as opposed to just throwing prescription on top of prescription at you), people say a few things about us.

Not all of them are kind…

However, for every unkind thing people say about us there are 100 other kind things we hear.

And that’s what we wanted to talk about today.

How our Highly-Absorbable Daily Multivitamin is helping people feel their best.

Take a look at this recent review…

“I'm happy to report that this is the first winter in 6 years that I have not had a cold or worse. I am aware of a few factors that have contributed to this awesome outcome one being this very fine supplement. I solely operate a cattle farm and have to believe this supplement has also helped increase my energy. I have confidence in this product because it is recommended by your medical expert, Dr. Wiggy. Thank you very much for making it available!!!”

This is one of 202 five-star reviews on this product (we only have 1 four-star review).

To get this amazing multivitamin you can buy here, or in our physical store.

Go here to get it today.

Now it’s one thing for people to rave about it, but to know why it works so well, we need to inform you about what makes it so unique.

What Makes Our Highly-Absorbable Daily Multivitamin So Unique?

Not all multivitamins are the same.

That’s a fairly obvious statement.

Some of them have more of this and less of that.

Some are chewable, and some are tablets (ours is a capsule).

What most multivitamins aren’t is highly absorbable.

The reason having a highly-absorbable multi matters so much is because it a). gives you the nutrients you need and b). allows you to actually get your money’s worth.

Both of these are incredibly important considerations when buying, or, taking a supplement.

The secret ingredient(s) in our multivitamin are a combination of end-stage vitamins as well as an ingredient known as shilajit which helps you absorb nutrients in a rapid manner.

Many of the multivitamins that you may come across in your average multi are not the most bioavailable versions. For instance, instead of providing methylcobalamin (vitamin B-12) in many multivitamins, many inferior multis just give you cyanocobalamin (also vitamin B-12).

The reason this matters?

At least 50% of Americans can’t convert cyanocobalamin into methylcobalamin which means you don’t get the most out of this essential vitamin.

Plenty of manufacturers use cyanocobalamin because it’s cheap. We don’t.

On top of including methylcobalamin we opt to use several other vitamins that may cost a bit more - but work for most people.

Plus, we’ve added top-tier antioxidants to the mix for extra support.

And did we mention that you can take this multivitamin without fear of an upset stomach?

That’s because we put ginger in there!

Ginger is both an antioxidant as well as an ingredient that helps to control nausea.

Dozens of our reviews center on the fact that people can take it without dealing with being nauseous.

If you want to see more reviews on this incredible product click here.

If you already know you want it, click here.

Talk soon,

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