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Can This Supplement Make You Pregnant?

Can This Supplement Make You Pregnant?

Can a supplement called pregnenolone make you pregnant?

Haha, the short answer is “NO.”

However, there’s definitely evidence to indicate that if you’re struggling to conceive and hormone imbalances are to blame, taking this supplement could help support your chances of having a child.


It’s quite simple.

Hormones are essential for sexual health and as pregnenolone is known as the master hormone it is arguably one of the most important for your sexual health and SO much  more.

But, it can’t make you pregnant.  We’ll get into more of what it does to sex hormones and other hormone levels in a second.

Yes, it’s somewhat humorous that pregnenolone reads like “pregnant”... but we only wrote that subject line to make sure you read this article and got some pregnenolone today to support your hormone health.

Today you have the chance to get this incredibly potent form of pregnenolone for an amazing price. It’s already an incredible value, 100 capsules come in each bottle and that’s enough to last you well over 3 months…

For a low price of less than a quarter a capsule, you get one of nature’s most important hormones.

The true benefits are how it makes you feel!

Go here to get yours today.

How Does Pregnenolone Support Sexual Health, Thyroid Health, Inflammation and More

To understand how 1 hormone can affect your life in such a significant way, you have to understand what pregnenolone is - and what can be made from it.

As Dr. Wiggy has pointed out, this incredible hormone is made up of dietary cholesterol and actually acts in your body as a powerful steroidal hormone.

Your body can use pregnenolone to make other hormones like progestogens, mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, androgens, and estrogens.

If you read through that list you may have noticed that a few of those hormones were sex hormones.

Pregnenolone has a significant impact on sexual health because it makes the hormones you need to develop as an adult male or female.

Without pregnenolone you would not have an effective reproductive system,

But it really does so much more.

For instance, pregnenolone can help to improve your body’s response to stress and also help to keep your thyroid in great shape.

As we know, the vast majority of people with impaired thyroid function suffer from tons of stress. All that stress can zap your adrenals which can make it very difficult to deal with stress. This can result in your body producing excess cortisol to help manage the stress.

This is not ideal.

In a healthy body, the thyroid and thyroid hormone are supposed to help eliminate excess cortisol.

But if you’re low in pregnenolone and your cortisol levels are too high, your body will end up running out of thyroid hormone to help purge the cortisol.

And that’s why taking pregnenolone can be so helpful.

If you want to see some more articles that we have on our website check out the list below.

If you want to order your pregnenolone today because you’re a loyal user, or have known for a while you need to take it then go here.

Within a few days you ought to feel how it affects your energy levels, memory and more.

Talk soon,
The team at Health As It Ought To Be

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