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A Painful Yet Effective Way to Maximize the Effects of Vitamin C

A Painful Yet Effective Way to Maximize the Effects of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is easily the most well-known supplemental vitamin on the planet. Clinicians have leaned on vitamin C for decades because of its well profound ability to enhance immune health.

The reason vitamin C receives so much attention is because it’s the only essential vitamin not manufactured by the body.

Thus, it has to be supplemented with.

By supplement I don’t mean you must take a pill to get vitamin C.

In fact, you can find vitamin C all over the planet in hundreds of food-based sources.

Vitamin C deficiencies aren’t as common as other nutrient deficiencies. Only 1 in 5 people, typically the elderly, are believed to be vitamin C deficient. The reason deficiencies are so rare is because vitamin C is so prevalent.

You can find vitamin C in a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables and many fortified foods. 

However, if you want to get the maximum effect of vitamin C, especially the wound healing, immune boosting benefits, it’s important to supplement.

Decades ago the best way to supplement was via capsules, powders, and lozenges.

The new standard for vitamin C therapy is injecting it right into the bloodstream. 

It’s a painful procedure (well, it’s not that bad) and those who don’t enjoy needles typically have aversions to intravenous vitamin C injections. Yet, the research indicates introducing vitamin C into the bloodstream is a superior way to harness this potent antioxidant’s power.

Are You Aware Vitamin C Supplementation Can Do All This? 

As I mentioned, vitamin C is mostly used by the general public to help boost immunity. It’s why you see so many cold formulas, both natural and chemical, filled with vitamin C.

What you may not know is just how powerful it is.

In two seconds I’ll show you the results of several studies that support the use of vitamin C for increased immunity.

But before I do, let me let you in on some little-known facts about vitamin C.

Studies show Vitamin C may...

  • Improve blood sugar levels and help boost insulin sensitivity.
  • Help to improve heart health by boosting endothelial function and improving a number of cardiovascular markers.
  • Keep bones healthy and strong by enhancing the processes leading to enhanced bone strength.
  • Enhance the health of gums and teeth by keeping the areas flush with blood
  • Increase the power of the brain to remember better, think more clearly and stave off mental decline as we age.

Many of these benefits are attained simply by eating a diet rich in foods with vitamin C. Not much (if any) supplementation is needed to experience these health rewards.

But what most people know about vitamin C is what it does for the immune system.

And just to confirm, these effects are 100% accurate.

There’s a long list of studies supporting vitamin C’s use in increased immune function.

But just to give you an idea of how well it works I’d like to cite some of the most convincing studies.

In a study published in the journal International Sports Medicine, researchers analyzed how likely it would be for subjects under intense stress to succumb to an upper respiratory infection. They observed that when these subjects were given 1,000mg or more of vitamin C it had the power to reduce infections by a staggering 50%. 

Meaning the subjects had a 1 in 2 chance of getting sick with vitamin C supplementation; which is a much better rate than a guaranteed 100% risk of infection without.

Three studies showed the same results.

These studies also showed those who had the lowest levels of vitamin C at the time the studies started received the greatest protection. 

A similar study that was released to the Journal Nutrients supplied what can be considered the most definitive proof for vitamin C supplementation as a means to boost immune function and fight the cold.

In the study they took a group of men 18-35 who were healthy save the fact that they may have suffered from high stress or excess weight. 

The men had low levels of vitamin C to start. Their vitamin C levels to start were at the 45 micromol/L) range and 61 to 80 is the normal/healthy range. 50% of the group was asked to take 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily for eight weeks. The other 50% of the group was given a placebo and the researchers observed what happened next.

At the conclusion of the study the researchers noticed that out of the placebo group a staggering 85% of the participants came down with a cold. In the vitamin C group just 47% of the subjects came down with a cold. This showed that taking vitamin C made the participants two times less likely to get sick.

Pretty convincing. 

And while I have numerous studies I could point you to, supporting vitamin C’s profound effect on immune health, I’d invite you to do your own research.

Click either of these links and you can find a collection of studies published on and the National Institute of Health’s websites.

If you’re not convinced, those websites should help you make sense of all the vitamin C research out there.

Now, I want to show you how intravenous vitamin C can help you get even more of the pronounced health advantages imparted by vitamin C.

Is Injecting Vitamin C Smart… Is It Effective?

Let me start by saying the reason we use intravenous vitamin C isn’t to help you fight off a sniffly nose.

It’s to give your immune system a Major Boost so you can fight off serious attacks on your immune system.

Typically, the amount of vitamin C you’d need to take orally to get the maximum effects wouldn’t be cost effective… and could also cause side effects you’d likely want to avoid (diarrhea for instance).

This is where intravenous vitamin C comes into play.

Here’s what Ty Bollinger at TTAC writes:

“This is where the groundbreaking work of the late Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, a biochemist from Oregon State University, comes full circle. Pauling was among the first within the scientific disciplines to flesh out vitamin C’s many potential uses in modern medicine. This included its effectiveness as an intravenous treatment for cancer and various other major health conditions.

As it turns out, intravenous administration of vitamin C delivers far more of this important nutrient into the bloodstream than oral consumption, bombarding affected tissues and cells with disease-eradicating doses of this powerful, natural medicine.

Bypassing the body’s digestive buffers allows intravenous vitamin C to spur the production of hydrogen peroxide deep within bodily tissues. And with the help of disease-fighting white blood cells, this “peroxide-mediated” vitamin C, as Dr. Hoffman puts it, performs unique and key functions…”

Every single day we have patients come in to receive high-dose IV Vitamin C.

In my professional opinion it is a leading therapy for immune enhancement.

Unfortunately it can be a bit on the pricey side.

And, it comes with the obvious downside of requiring an injection and being forced to remain in our infusion suite for a while.

For this reason…

I’m happy to announce that there is an extremely effective and potent way to get vitamin C without the needle.

Introducing Sovereign Labs Vital C-LD™ 520 mg - 120 Capsules

I understand that not everyone has the time or even the desire to receive vitamin C intravenously.

But, I also know that everyone wishes they could support their immune system better.

Especially during flu and cold season.

That’s why we offer Sovereign Labs Vital C-LD™

Sovereign Labs Vital C-LD™ is a special form of vitamin C that you take just like a normal vitamin C capsule.

The difference is this offers liposomal delivery, which is second to intravenous vitamin C, is the most effective way to get vitamin C into your body and enhance immune response.

Now, VitaC-LD™ is the alternative to expensive and often inconvenient vitamin C infusions. Our delayed-release capsules allow these powerful antioxidants to reach the small intestines where they can be more readily absorbed into the bloodstream. An added benefit is that you won’t experience stomach upset or pain associated with traditional vitamin C supplements and vitamin C-rich foods.

Best of all?

The Price.

One bottle gives you 120 capsules and is just $33.

That’s a serious amount of immune boosting power at a greatly reduced cost compared to an infusion (infusions cost $130-$260). 

If you need constant immune support…

Or want to give your body every advantage to stop a cold or infection in its tracks.

Then I enthusiastically recommend Sovereign Labs Vital C-LD.  It’s incredibly potent, affordable, easy to take…

And is the best non-intravenous form of vitamin C offered to health-conscious consumers. 

Get yours by clicking this link or the picture below.


Talk soon,


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