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A New and Proven Way to Help Treat Pain

A New and Proven Way to Help Treat Pain

No one enjoys being in pain. It’s probably one of the chief reasons that people end up scheduling an appointment with a doctor.

Pain generally signifies something is wrong, and that something (whatever it may be), needs to be fixed.

Oftentimes pain is the result of sickness or injury, and the only way to ameliorate that pain is by removing the source of pain or covering it up.

I wish it weren’t true, but in this day and age, most doctors would rather write a prescription to help cover the pain as opposed to figuring out what’s going on in the first place.

This is why the opioid epidemic is what it is, hundreds of thousands of doctors telling people “here, take this pill to deal with your pain.”

Now I understand that pain killers work, but they don’t actually help to improve your health - in fact, you could argue they’re detrimental to your health.

And that’s why I wanted to talk about a new kind of “pain killer.”

This “pain killer” helps to relieve pain in much the same way as an analgesic, but it can also help your body heal so that the pain begins to vanish.

I’m talking about an FDA-approved therapy known as PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields). PEMF is a new therapy we use here in the office to help people with chronic and debilitating pain heal from the inside out.

PEMF fundamentally alters how the body behaves and can take injured tissue and make it just like new.

So, let me show you how it works, and then you can decide whether or not it’s something you’d like to try one day.

How Does PEMF Work?

The first thing I need to establish is this basic fact.

You are an electrical being.

You’re not quite the same as a light socket, or an outlet…but the same kind of electrical current running through your home runs through your body.

Of course, the electricians in the room would say “Ok, about that Dr. Wiggy, the difference here is…”

The point is your body is constantly sending out tiny pulses of electricity to get things done. Your heart, for instance, is powered by electricity (and my favorite mineral, magnesium, is one of the main minerals responsible for getting your heart to beat).

Your muscles, your bowels, everything moves as the result of minute electrical signaling.

And because we’re electrical in nature, we can be shaped and affected by electricity.

It’s actually why we will die if electrocuted, our built-in circuitry can’t handle the load.

PEMF uses safe levels of electricity generated by magnets and projects them at the body to help modify how our cells behave. The device we use in our office (called a Medithera) generates safe, non-heat inducing magnetic frequencies called extremely low frequencies (ELFs), and very low frequencies (VLFs). And this technology is what almost all PEMF devices use.

The effect these magnetic fields can have on your body are both fascinating and incredibly helpful for making us feel better, and even helping to alleviate pain.

The physics of what’s going on when these magnetic fields are pulsed throughout the body is that it increases the motion of ions and electrolytes in the tissues and fluids of the body and stimulates a vast array of chemical and electric actions in the tissues to help rebalance or heal themselves where necessary.

That’s a lot of scientific jargon so let’s talk about the practical results, and how PEMF can help heal.

What Can PEMF Help to Heal?

One thing I wanted to mention is PEMF is not designed to treat and cure diseases.

But, it is a solid therapy to help reconfigure and reboot cell function so that you can heal at the cellular level.

Does escaping the devastation of disease happen with PEMF?

Yes, but not because of PEMF necessarily.

PEMF is simply an adjunct to other therapies that also helps to bring down pain and inflammation.

Here are 6 ways PEMF can help to heal the body.

1: Increases Cellular Energy Levels:

To be incredibly healthy, your cells need to use a form of energy known as ATP.

PEMF can help to boost the utilization of ATP by increasing the motion of ions and electrolytes. By doing this, your cells' energy level production can be modified positively by as much as 500%. Low ATP levels and low ATP utilization is known to sicken cells and decreases their ability to heal, regenerate, or function properly, so using PEMF for ATP production and utilization is a great way to ensure cells remain their energetic selves and perform their much-needed functions (which include helping you deal with pain.

2: Helps Prevent Future Cellular Damage:

While PEMF may not cure disease, it can certainly help prevent it from happening.


Because when cells are injured, for any number of reasons, it leads to a state of dishealth that may allow disease conditions to emerge.

PEMF’s influence on the structure of cells (which I’ll touch on in a moment) can help to enhance a cell’s repair processes, improve circulation (so they’re given nutrients they need to replicate healthily), and even help create stress proteins in the cells (similar to heat shock and cold shock proteins).

Cells are able to use the proteins to keep the cell from succumbing to early-onset degradation and help to modify how fast they repair from injury. Essentially “magnetic fields balance cells, tissues and bodily functions at very fundamental levels, even before damage and problems become obvious to you.”  
3: Helps to Enhance Circulatory Health:

As I alluded to, enhanced circulation helps with cellular repair, but on top of that, your overall circulatory health can benefit from PEMF.

Because cells need to hold on to their charge to operate at their fullest capacity, when they are damaged and lose that charge, they end up failing to work well.

Red blood cells that lose their charge, or have reduced cell function, end up clumping together which can impede circulatory health. By passing magnetic fields over massed red blood cells it can impart charge to them and break them up which then allows them to flow freely.

There’s also evidence to show PEMFs have the ability to boost chemical levels found within the blood vessel walls that act as vasodilators which help to oxygenate the body fully which leads to an enhanced state of health.

4: Increases Energy For Muscle Use:

Our muscles need energy, too, in order to get work done. From standing up, to pushing a lawnmower, we rely on healthy cells, and ATP is essential for that.

Energy needed for muscles to work is developed through a process called Myosin Phosphorylation. Myosin is muscle, and phosphorylation is energy (ATP) production. Optimal energy allows muscles to work harder and longer, and recover more quickly from their work. Muscles that are contracted or in spasm are better able to relax, decreasing tension and reducing the pain caused by spasm.

5: Better Blood Oxygenation

Your body’s performance is largely dependent on how much oxygen your blood can transport, that’s why cardiovascular health is so important.

PEMF can help to maximize how much blood we extract from the air we breathe. By enriching blood-oxygen levels it facilitates a myriad of other improvements in health, as oxygen is critical to every single system in your body. As you absorb more, your cells' energy production increases which enhances cell metabolism and can help with pain relief, immune function, and energy levels too! 

6: Helps Combat Inflammation:

One of the chief reasons people suffer from pain is inflammation, especially chronic inflammation. I’ve talked about it before, but it bears repeating, inflammation isn’t necessarily bad…but when it’s allowed to run rampant in our bodies it can be devastating.

And, it really is a big factor in many people’s debilitating pain.

“Research has shown that using PEMFs can induce the appropriate death of aged, chronic T lymphocytes, by actions on T cell membranes and key enzymes in cells. For example, PEMFs affection flow through specific cell membrane channels (like those for sodium, potassium, and calcium), which positively affect these enzymes. Stress Reduction: Stress is part of being human. Normal stress, called eustress, is necessary for survival. Too much stress is very harmful to the body and accelerates aging. Stress is responsible for at least 65% of our illnesses, so stress reduction is necessary for all of us. Stress-reducing activities performed only now and then will allow too much stress-related damage to accumulate over time. Therefore, stress reduction must be a daily activity. Magnetic fields have many stress-reducing effects. Daily use of PEMFs help to wash away the negative effect natural stresses have on our bodies. Bone Healing: Magnetic fields pass through the body - even the bones - as if the body wasn't even there. PEMFs work to repair bones, whether they are damaged by surgery, injury, or disease, and have been found to improve bone regeneration such as occurs with osteoporosis and osteopenia, among other bone destroying conditions.”

PEMF Use - At An Office Or At Home

We recently started using a system called the Medithera PEMF system.

It’s a clinical-grade PEMF system that you lay on for 20-30 minutes to help with a myriad of conditions. It’s definitely suitable for home use (as you can buy one on their site), but the cost at $2,000+ is prohibitive for some.

But, I will mention, there are some that are even more expensive that aren’t as good as the Medithera, so if you are looking to get one for home use, this is an exceptional one to buy.

That being said, you can get others that are less expensive but are only built for specific conditions.

That’s why there are some more affordable options to choose from, but they will only address 1 or 2 types of maladies and are not for full-spectrum use.

Here’s a pretty good review of some of the more economical models and what they can do for you,

5 Best PEMF Devices For the Home

I only have experience with the one we have here at the office, so I wouldn’t be able to make any personal recommendations on these, but the article cited was reviewed by a medical professional.

At the end of the day, I know these things work, and helping manage pain is one of the better uses I can think of for many people, so, if you want to talk to us (as a current patient) about using it, you can certainly give it a spin.

I will also note this, if you get one for home use, it’s important not to use it too much, or for the intensity to be too high as it could actually make things worse. Striking that balance is difficult which is why using it at our clinic is a great way to get the benefits without the risks.


Talk soon,

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