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Raise Them Well Children's Immunity Chewable - 60 Chewables

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All parents want their kids to stay WELL and with our new Raise Them Well Children's Immunity Chewable we provide an all-in-one solution for families!  No more purchasing multiple products!

Our immunity chewable is specially designed for children ages 4 and up and includes
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin D3
- Vitamin K2
- Zinc

Each of these ingredients is known to help boost natural defenses against illness and FINALLY parents can easily boost kids' immunity with just ONE chewable per day.

The best part?  We use the highest quality vitamins and ONLY natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners plus no gross fillers!   The Citrus Burst flavor is loved by kids everywhere. 

Raise Them Well's Immunity Chewables enhance wellness while keeping things simple for parents.  A win for all!  

1. Can I take the Immunity Chewable along with the Children’s Chewable Vitamin and/or Mag-Focus?

Yes! The Raise Them Well Immunity Chewable is actually designed to work together with the Children’s Chewable Vitamins. Mag-Focus contains different nutrients that are safe to take with the Immunity Chewable as well.

2. Can I give my child under 4 the Immunity Chewable?

We are unable to make specific recommendations since ours are based on FDA suggested dosing, but some parents might choose to give the Immunity Chewable to younger children. We encourage you to talk to your doctor for personal recommendations.

3. Can I give the Immunity Chewable to my teenager?

Yes! Teenagers will likely need to take two chewables for appropriate dosing. We generally recommend 2 chewables for children over 80 pounds or 12 years of age. Ask your physician for personal recommendations.

4. Can I take the Immunity Chewable myself?

Yes! We recommend 2 to 3 chewables per day for adults based upon body weight. Roughly 1 chewable per 50 pounds of body weight.

5. Can my kids take the Immunity Chewable year-round?

Yes! It’s safe to consider taking the chewable year-round to keep the immune system strong. Talk to your physician for specific recommendations.

6. Should my child take anything else for immunity?

We do recommend that most children take additional Vitamin D3 with K2 (our Baby Drops are perfect) during the cold winter months when levels are generally lowest. Ask your physician for specific recommendations.

7. If there’s no added sugar, how does your Children’s Immunity Chewable taste so sweet?

Natural ingredients, including fruit extracts, make our Children’s Immunity Chewables taste sweet.

8. Why are your children’s immune support vitamins chewables, not gummies?

Gummy vitamins tend to be very inconsistent, and studies have found that gummy vitamins likely do not contain the amount of nutrients listed on the label. They also lack stability, so potency decreases over time.

To reduce these issues, gummy vitamin manufacturers spray additional nutrients on the outside of the product. That way, their product will contain some active amounts of the ingredients listed on the bottle by the end of the vitamin’s shelf life. Not very accurate.

In addition, gummy vitamins are sticky, which means they adhere to the teeth and can cause cavities.

Chewables are more stable, and we can ensure accuracy in the amount of nutrients in each dose.

9. How healthy is your Children’s Immunity Chewable?

Raise Them Well’s Immunity Chewable for kids is made from the highest quality vitamins and minerals with only natural flavors, colors, sweeteners, and no fillers.

10. Does my child really need an immune support supplement?

There are nutrients that are particularly important for boosting the immune system and enhancing the white blood cells’ ability to fight off viruses: Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2. These are the nutrients in our Children's Immunity Chewable, which we give to our boys each day. We recommend this combination of ingredients for parents who want to help their kids thrive and stay healthy, especially during cold and flu season.

11. Do your Children’s Immunity Chewables include preservatives?

No. Our vitamins do not contain added preservatives.

12. What are your immune support supplements made with?

Our vitamins are sourced with the best quality ingredients that we can find. We use only the highest quality sources of vitamins available and our labels are 100% transparent on the sources of each vitamin.

13. What happens if I have unused immune support supplements when my new order arrives?

Continue using your vitamins until they run out unless they are past the expiration date. If you have a subscription, you can always adjust the date.

14. What ages should take your immune support supplements?

Our Children’s Immunity Chewable is appropriate for children ages four and up. The recommended dose for children ages 4-12 is one chewable per day.

Teens and adults can also enjoy the immune support our chewables provide. Proper dosage is based on body weight - roughly one chewable per 50 pounds of body weight. Teenagers will likely need to take two immunity tablets daily, while adults may require 2 to 3 chewables per day. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations.

15. Are your immune support vitamins appropriate for both boys and girls?

Yes. There is no difference between the immune support needs of boys and girls.

16. When should I give my child their immune support vitamin?

Consistency is key, so we recommend administering your immune support at the same time each day so it becomes part of your routine. We opt to give our boys their vitamins with breakfast.

17. Where are your Children’s Immunity Chewables manufactured?

Our Immunity Chewables are manufactured in the United States.

18. Are your immune support vitamins 3rd party tested for accuracy and health?

Yes! Each batch is tested both at the manufacturer and externally by an independent 3rd party.

19. Are you saying other immune support supplement labels might be inaccurate?

Because the supplement industry is not regulated the same as prescription drugs, ingredients on product labels may not accurately reflect what the product contains. In addition, even the FDA does not require a supplement product to have the ingredients listed on the product’s label. So supplement companies can include more, less, or even none of the ingredients listed on the label.

Please see the Supplement Facts tab for a full listing of the Ingredients in this product. In summary, it contains: Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), Zinc (as zinc citrate), K2 (as menaquinone-7).


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Supplement Facts

Suggested Use:
Use only as directed. Children ages 4 to 12 take 1 chewable per day or as directed by a physician.

Caution: Do not use if the safety seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children. Keep your licensed healthcare provider informed when using this product.

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