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See This If You Want to Feel Energized

See This If You Want to Feel Energized

In this day and age fatigue seems to be something most of us have just decided to deal with.

It’s a by-product of living in a world that’s always on the move, is awash in screen time, and thanks to the Internet and various forms of media, never seems to get a break.

Reversing fatigue and experiencing more energy should be something anyone intent on living a healthy lifestyle should spend time working on.

One of the first things I recommend tackling is adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is caused by the disruption in essential hormone levels and is one of the leading causes of being tired all the time.

However, I didn’t write this article to talk about adrenal fatigue.

Instead, I wanted to show you how you can boost energy at the cellular level with something called PQQ.

Studies show that this simple, all-natural B-vitamin like substance has the power to “turbo charge” your cell’s natural energy production processes.

In addition to that, PQQ may help to shield your cells from early aging as well as keep them safe and protected from exposure to free-radicals that could cause them breakdown and an early death.

For your energy and for your health, let’s take a look at what PQQ can do for you.

Kind Of Like A B Vitamin But More Powerful

PQQ is the shorthand acronym for Pyrroloquinoline quinone.

This naturally occurring compound is often said to be “like a B vitamin” in how it functions inside the human body. PQQ is all around you. It’s in the soil your food grows in and it’s in some of the healthy foods you eat.

Your body produces PQQ out of many of the amino acids you make and eat. There are even claims that PQQ is found in “stardust.” Meaning, it’s spread throughout the entire universe and is essential for life to flourish.

The importance of PQQ cannot be understated, but what really makes PQQ useful for the average person is what it does for your body’s cells.

PQQ is a known “mitochondrial enhancement element”.

The health of any person is largely dependent on how healthy mitochondria are. This is because mitochondria are called the “powerhouse of the cell.”  At least that’s how many high-school biology classes describe them, and it really isn’t a bad descriptor.

Mitochondria are in every cell in your body. Their role is to make cellular ATP, or adenosine triphosphate.

ATP is THE energy source your body uses to get anything done. You may think blood glucose or ketones are the sources of energy for your body, but in reality those are little more than the fuel your mitochondria use to make ATP.

For many people, their mitochondria work just fine in their 20s and 30s. However, as we get closer to 40 and then pass that benchmark in age mitochondrial function begins to wane. This is an entirely natural process… but it’s not one that you have to settle for.

The process of decreased mitochondrial efficiency is what supplementing with PQQ helps to address. As a “mitochondrial enhancement compound,” PQQ may help to boost how effectively and efficiently your mitochondria make ATP.

PQQ has a powerful antioxidant property which acts directly on how your mitochondria produce ATP.

With more than 100 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C, PQQ also increases Nrf2 which is an essential pathway for boosting your body’s natural antioxidant production. As you know, antioxidants help to prevent free radicals from harming your cells, and with PQQ in the mix your cells are protected from natural damage that interferes with mitochondrial function.

In addition to that, PQQ has also been shown to instigate something that’s extremely useful from an energy production standpoint… PQQ helps with mitochondrial biogenesis (aka the growth of new mitochondria). The more mitochondria present in your body, the more ATP you produce and the more energy you’ve got.

It’s pretty simple.

This is what taking PQQ does for your cells.

There are also studies indicating that if you’re deficient in PQQ it could harm your mitochondria’s ability to produce ATP as needed.

Who Should Take PQQ?

First off, let’s talk about PQQ and diet.

As always, my recommendation before taking any supplement is to fill your diet with foods that contain the compounds you need for great health.

If you’re looking for dietary sources of PQQ take a look at this image below to see what to shop for.

I think if you’re a healthy individual with abundant energy levels and a brain that’s working without issue then you’ll be fine to skip supplementing with PQQ (oh, and you’re eating those foods below consistently).

That being said, if you’re trying to boost energy levels or want to keep your heart and mind healthy then taking somewhere around 20-40 mg of PQQ daily is a good way to reinvigorate your mitochondrial function.

One of the things I didn’t mention above is PQQ is especially helpful for anyone with heart or brain health concerns.

Both your brain and your heart require an enormous amount of ATP to function properly. This is why the highest numbers of mitochondria found in your body are located in brain and heart tissue.

By taking PQQ you’ll enhance the normal, healthy function of these organs so they’re operating at peak capacity.

And since both of these organs are inextricably linked to your overall energy levels taking PQQ should result in a corresponding increase in overall energy as well.

I should mention there are also studies linking PQQ consumption with better sleep quality.

If you struggle to string together several nights of sleep in a row PQQ may help. A study from Functional Foods in Health & Disease showed when 17 adults took PQQ for 8 weeks they all “experienced improved multiple measures of sleep quality, including sleep duration, sleepiness at awakening and the amount of time it took to fall asleep.”

If you want to experience the benefits of PQQ I recommend this version from Life Extension. At 20mg per serving this form of PQQ floods your cell’s mitochondria with mitochondria friendly PQQ.

This is the most cost-effective way to utilize PQQ for cellular energy enhancement.

To get yours click here or on the image below.


Talk soon,

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