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Horse Chestnut?

Horse Chestnut?

Ever hear of horse chestnut?

You haven’t?

Well, I’m shocked. I thought everyone had heard of horse chestnut.

All kidding aside I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d never heard of horse chestnut. But now that I’ve brought it to your attention I’d like to tell you why I’ve combined it with L-arginine (an amino acid) and beetroot juice extract.

The combination of these ingredients is going to make people with heart concerns quite happy.

It just so happens using horse chestnut is an incredibly powerful plant-based therapy for keeping circulation healthy.

In the next few moments I’ll show you why horse chestnut should be included in most people’s supplement regimen.

Well, this is true if keeping your heart healthy is important to you. If it’s not, and you know you have good circulatory health, this information may be useful at a later time.

Why Horse Chestnut Is Great For Your Circulation

Your heart is obviously one of the most important organs in your body.

And yet, what most people are unaware of, is if your circulation is obstructed or not functioning at 100%, then your heart health may be affected.

That’s right, you could have a perfectly healthy heart but if the rest of your circulatory system isn’t in good shape it could lead to problems down the road. I should add it’s difficult to maintain a healthy heart when circulation is compromised.

You see, your circulatory system is responsible for bringing blood to every single organ in your body.

When it’s “stopped up” your heart works extra hard to force blood to those organs. Problem is a stopped up vein or capillary is unable to receive blood. And so all that extra work puts a strain on your heart while simultaneously keeping organs/cells deprived of the nutrients they need.

This is why I started recommending horse chestnut.

Studies have shown horse chestnut helps you maintain healthy circulatory function. Meaning, blood is able to flow through your arteries, veins and capillaries better.

Horse chestnut is particularly effective at maximizing blood flow through the veins and capillaries. That’s important because these two parts of the circulatory system are essential for cell nourishment.

It’s great if your arteries are free and clear of obstructions. But if they deliver blood to veins and capillaries that are blocked up it means nutrients don’t make it to your cells.

Horse chestnut has been shown to help improve the flow of blood from veins into capillaries. Studies have shown it does this by optimizing how the valves in your veins work. (1) (2)

By allowing blood to flow freely through your veins and into capillaries it helps to promote normal blood pressure, reduces the pooling of blood in parts of the body it isn’t supposed to gather as well as helping feed cells with oxygen and nutrients.

These Two Ingredients Also Help Out With Heart Health

The other two ingredients I included in my circulation blend are L-arginine and beet juice extract.

Both of these are known to have powerful effects on circulation.

I’ll give you a brief description on how each works to keep your circulatory health at 100%.


L-arginine is an amino acid with a long-history for circulatory modification.

Your body makes L-arginine naturally and this amino acid is essential for the creation of protein in your body.

Not only does L-arginine help you build protein, it also acts as a vasodilator, or an agent that relaxes your arteries and veins which causes them to expand in size and become less stiff and rigid.

Vasodilation helps enhance regular blood flow.

As your veins and arteries are expanded by L-arginine it allows for more oxygen-rich blood to make it throughout the body which ultimately may lead to a perfectly healthy circulatory system.

Vasodilation allows for blood to flow unimpeded through your body which is great for your heart. If your veins and arteries are more open it means your heart doesn’t have to work extra hard to push blood through your body.

This takes a significant burden off of your heart which helps it stay healthy and working at its absolute best. The exact way it does this is L-Arginine helps to enhance nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide (NO) is a neurotransmitter that is involved in “talking” to blood vessels and helping them relax (vasodilation).

Extensive studies link increased NO levels to improved blood flow

Beetroot Juice:

Beetroot juice is about as uncomplicated as it gets when it comes to supplements.

Beetroot juice is the same thing as the food you eat. Just in a juice form (and dried out in this instance).

A brief aside. I don’t know why they call it beetroot juice since a beet is a root vegetable and it seems redundant.

Anyways, beetroot acts on heart health and influences circulatory behavior. It helps to increase nitric oxide too. Studies show if you ingest beetroot the increase in nitric oxide in your blood has the serious power to relax your arterial walls and help to enhance blood flow.

For instance, a study in humans published in the British Journal of Nutrition helped demonstrate consuming beetroot juice was effective at helping to improve blood pressure within an incredibly short time span.

Participants either took 0 grams of beet juice (placebo), 100 grams, 200 grams, or 500 grams; or they took 3 different kinds of bread products with beetroot in them, the placebo bread had no beetroot and the others were enriched with red beet or white beetroot.

Within 24 hours the researchers observed vast improvements in blood pressure, improvements that were significant enough for the researchers to say that beet juice was a worthwhile supplement for treating blood pressure.

There was also another study on beetroot juice that showed it helped to protect the heart by helping to improve cholesterol.

“A 2011 study on rats found that beetroot extract lowered total cholesterol and triglycerides and increased HDL (good) cholesterol. It also reduced oxidative stress on the liver. Researchers believe beetroot’s cholesterol-lowering potential is likely due to its phytonutrients like flavonoids.”

Our New Circulation Syn3rgy Helps Keep Circulation Healthy

I recently created a new product called Circulation Syn3rgy which I believe is extremely helpful at keeping circulation healthy.

It combines all three of these ingredients in precisely balanced therapeutic doses for optimal circulatory health.

We have it in our store here at the office, or online here.

Talk soon,


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